My wife, daughter, and I visited on Thanksgiving morning. I got the 2 egg, sausage, bacon, and pancake special with hashbrowns added. I was still stuffed at dinner time. The food was standard diner fare. Nothing spectacular but the service was friendly and although not quite as attentive as I would like, was very helpful when asked for something. My daughter ordered chicken tenders and they did not look or taste like the typical frozen chicken tenders you get at most restaurants. She also got a cup of chili and it was different but very good. It has a darker chipotle flavored sauce which is very good. The one weird thing is that she asked for sour cream and was told they do not have any. My wife also had the 2 of everything platter and liked it just as well as I did. I echo other comments about decor. It is old and run down but clean and the booths are not torn up. I also like that they have almost all the condiments that I want right on the table. Syrup, hot sauce, ketchup, all right there. We will keep it in our breakfast diner rotation and will definitely return.