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Tom's-Diner-4Tom’s Diner
9003 Centreville Rd
Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: 703-361-7474

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat 7:00am to 4:30pm
Sunday 7:00am to 3:00pm

Dave Dollinger

The best breakfast in Manasas. Like the good old days!

Dave Dollinger

Darrell Jones

Great food and service. Tastes like a homemade meal.

Stacy LaRoy

French toast rocked!! It was great!

Jim Grodes

Great service and the food was really good. Looks can be deceiving from the outside. A must try for breakfast!!

Angy Aguilar

Best breakfast in town!

Denner Paxton

Like the diners of the sixties!!! Great American breakfast...wonderful people!

Andrew Dechat

Good food, great prices and friendly service.

Rubin Wilson

Good food, at great prices.

Kitty Jones

Wonderful staff. Extremely reasonable prices. Wide variety of diner standbys on the menu, from breakfast to burgers and fries to spaghetti. Don't forget to have a slice of cheesecake before you head home! As far as parking, there is a small lot for customers in back, as well as customer entrances to the restaurant in the front and rear of the building for convenience to parking.

Doctor Bonks

The food is fantastic, the staff friendly, and the prices are great. I grew up in Warrenton and frequented Frost Diner often. This place has a similar atmosphere and menu. Only downside is that they are not 24/7 because I would love to eat here after a late night or early morning.

Brian D

This place is near and dear to my belly. Yes, the place looks like it should be condemned; but the food breakfast food is always great. I don't want some yuppy Silver-Diner coming in and driving up the price for an egg-substitute omelet. The service has always been fair and the food awesome. You gotta try this place for that "real diner" experience. Tip your server well!!

Lin P

I've been to this diner over a dozen times in the past 4 years. I always order breakfast, and I'm always satisfied. The home fries are particularly good. Breakfast is inexpensive, with generous portions (a side of bacon is 3 full strips, not the wimpy 2 half-strips you get at the IHOP down the road). The place is pretty much the epitome of a dive - but if you can tolerate the pitted parking lot, grungy floors, dingy walls, and dirty blinds, you'll find good, homestyle food and friendly service.

Christopher S

I've been to this spot several times and each time I leave fully satisfied! I have only gotten breakfast, which is usually an omelet with sausage, bacon and cheese and hash browns, and sometimes even pancakes. Occasionally it can be a little busy but it's definitely worth the wait! The waitresses are friendly, the food is yummy and greasy just like it's supposed to be! If you are coming here for a 'light' meal, then you probably should just go to subway, because that's not what Tom's is for!
Great place, can't wait to go back! As a matter of fact, I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Nick T

Tom's Diner is a classic. I can assure you that many a Manassas resident has eaten off a hangover. It's classic diner food done right. They serve breakfast whenever it's open.

Jeremy P

What a gem this place was.  We ended up here because IHOP was packed on a Sunday and weren't too impressed with the looks of the place.  Inside is a bit better, but what really shines is the food.  They have some great selections.  I tried the country scramble with chipped beef.  The biscuits were light and fluffy and everything else was cooked perfect and tasty.  The price was right too.  There is parking out back if you cannot find a space up front.

Justin B

If you like diner food, it's the best in the area. It doesn't look like much from the outside (or even the inside, for that matter), but that's part of the appeal of the place. The food is consistently good, although I have only ever done breakfast food. The service is great if you're willing to accept the fact that the ladies there have been there for ages and have their way of doing things. Anyhow, it's awesome and you should eat here. A lot.

Carl W

This is a basic diner and is not fancy, but is solid and good. The breakfasts are pretty good and the service is friendly. You will not find anything exciting here but you will get is a good meal for a good price.

Lowell M

It's not much to look but I have yet to find a better place for breakfast. The sausage gravy & biscuits are out of this world the servers are pleasant & attentive. Typical diner experience.

Brett J

This is a great option if you prefer the locally-owned, you're gonna sit next to the bearded guy who plays Santa in the Manassas Parade kind of place! I'm not one to frequent breakfast spots that often, however Patty keeps us comin back for more with great service, witty banter and a great smile! The food is good and the French Toast must be ordered!

Side Note: we have had less than stellar service with a few waitresses here before, but most of the time if you have a smile on your face they will as well! 🙂


Don't be discouraged when you walk in, this place looks like a dump, but has some of the BEST breakfast you'll ever eat! Amazing selection and always good.

Jin Hee Y

I like this place, but my fiance loves this place.  Here's a point of reference for you yelpers- I'm not a huge fan of breakfast food or diners (unless they're nyc diners), but once I'm in here,  I become a fan. They have pretty good combinations and deals, a laid back atmosphere,  scrapple, and no frills.  They're great about making sure you always have a nice, hot cup of coffee, too. Recommend if you're looking for a no nonsense place to go eat.

Nathan B

My wife, daughter, and I visited on Thanksgiving morning. I got the 2 egg, sausage, bacon, and pancake special with hashbrowns added. I was still stuffed at dinner time. The food was standard diner fare. Nothing spectacular but the service was friendly and although not quite as attentive as I would like, was very helpful when asked for something. My daughter ordered chicken tenders and they did not look or taste like the typical frozen chicken tenders you get at most restaurants. She also got a cup of chili and it was different but very good. It has a darker chipotle flavored sauce which is very good. The one weird thing is that she asked for sour cream and was told they do not have any. My wife also had the 2 of everything platter and liked it just as well as I did. I echo other comments about decor. It is old and run down but clean and the booths are not torn up. I also like that they have almost all the condiments that I want right on the table. Syrup, hot sauce, ketchup, all right there. We will keep it in our breakfast diner rotation and will definitely return.


Came here for breakfast over the weekend. Our waitress was a friendly young lady. She had a pleasant demeanor... attentive without being overbearing.   Our food was delicious. I ordered the veggie omelette, my fiancé the biscuits and gravy. My omelette tasted much better than the veggie omelette at IHOP or Bob Evans. Fresher ingredients. The building was a little rough looking, but it's a diner. I can appreciate the uniqueness when most restaurants are part of a chain, each building identical to the next. Look forward to returning here for breakfast again soon.

Sydney C

The best pancakes in town!!! I would recommend this place to everybody!! Mom and pop diners are the best!

Rich L

There aren't too many non-chain mom & pop restaurants around anymore.  Tom's diner is just that!  Good home cooked food with a cozy family atmosphere. Breakfast is served all day and it's the bomb!  I always get the biscuits-n-gravy with eggs and country ham.

Elizabeth M

Great for takeout. Love when someone brings me Tom's food in a lurch. Hits the spot. Decor not the best but food is yummy. I don't do grains so they can get it right.

Sami Moreau

Awesome home cooking (something I do not do) and great service.

Kristin Roth

My fiancé, my family, and I LOVE coming here. Our favorite breakfast place!

Leslie Perry

Great home cooked food and the service was great as usual.

Contact Info

9003 Centreville Rd
Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: 703-361-7474

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat 7:00am to 4:30pm
Sunday 7:00am-3:00pm

Coverage Area

Manassas, Manassas Park, Centreville, Haymarket, Woodbridge, Prince William County


Dave Dollinger

The best breakfast in Manasas. Like the good old days!

Dave Dollinger
Darrell Jones

Great food and service. Tastes like a homemade meal.

Stacy LaRoy

French toast rocked!! It was great!

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